Class: Sound

b5. Sound


new b5.Sound(name, location, reuse){b5.Sound}

resource/sound.js, line 39

A Sound represents a sound effect object and can be used to play back audio

Generally a sound should be added to either a b5.Scene or the global b5.App's resources so that it can be managed by them.

Example showing how to load and play a sound effect

 var sound = new b5.Sound("explosion", "sounds/explosion.mp3", true);
 var instance =;

For a complete overview of Resources see Booty5 Resources Overview

Name Type Description
name string

Name of sound resource

location string

The sound file location

reuse boolean

Mark the sound to be re-used (only one single instance will ever be created if true)

Name Type Description
parent b5.App | b5.Scene

Parent resource manager (internal)

snd object

Sound instance (re-usable sound only) (internal). For Web Audio stores a {source:AudioBufferSourceNode, gain:GainNode} object for auto play sounds

buffer object

AudioBufferSourceNode containing decoded audio data (Web Audio only)

name string

Name of this sound resource

location string

The location of the sound file that is used to create the audio object

location2 string

The location of the sound file that is used as a fall back if sound at location does not load

reuse boolean

When set to false the generated sound Audio will be re-used, this can prevent sounds that are currently playing being replayed whilst currently being played but can help resolve audio playback issues (Not used by Web Audio)

loop boolean

If set to true then sound will be looped

preload boolean

If set to true then this sound will be preloaded

auto_play boolean

If set to true then this sound will be preloaded

loaded boolean

If true then this resource has finished loading

Type Description
b5.Sound The created sound



AudioContext used by Web Audio API



resource/sound.js, line 75

Initialises the sound system

Type Description
boolean true for success or false if error


resource/sound.js, line 103

Checks if the supplied audio file type is supported

Name Type Description
filename string

Name of audio file

Type Description
boolean true if probably supported, false if not


resource/sound.js, line 245

Removes the sound from the scene / app and destroys it


resource/sound.js, line 119

Loads the sound


resource/sound.js, line 236

Pauses playback of the sound (re-usable sound only)


resource/sound.js, line 188

Starts playback of the sound

Type Description
object An Audio object representing the playing sound or a {source, gain} object if using Web Audio API


resource/sound.js, line 227

Stops playback of thr sound (re-usable sound only)