Class: A_Create

b5. A_Create


new b5.A_Create(objects, scene, template, type, properties){b5.A_Create}

actions/generic/general.js, line 206

Action that creates an object from a xoml template then exits

Created actions should be added to an actor or scenes actions list to be processed

For a complete overview of Actions see Booty5 Actions Overview

Name Type Description
objects Array.<object>

Collection of objects in XOML JSON format (as exported from Booty5 editor) that contains the template

scene string | b5.Scene

Path to or instance of scene that contains the template and its resources

template string

The name of the object template

type string

The type of object (e.g. icon, label, scene etc)

properties object

Object that contains property / value pairs that will be set to created object (e.g. {"vx":0,"vy":0})

Type Description
b5.A_Create The created action