TimelineManager API Reference


A TimelineManager manages a collection of timelines, each Scene has its own TimelineManager as well as the global app.

Public properties


TimelineManager() – Create an instance of a TimelineManager object

add(timeline) – Adds a timeline to this TImelineManager

  • timeline – The timeline to add to this manager

remove(timeline) – Removes the specified timeline from the TImelineManager

  • timeline – The timeline to remove from the manager

find(name) – Finds and returns the named timeline, or null if not found

pause() – Pauses all Timelines in the manager

play() – Plays all Timelines in the manager

restart() – Restarts all Timelines in the manager

print() - Debug method which prints out a list of Timelines in the manager

update(dt) – Updates all Timelines in the manager

  • dt – The amount of time that has passed since this manager was last updated



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