ArcActor API Reference


An ArcActor is derived from an Actor and displays an arc (or circle) shaped game object instead of an image and inherits all properties, functions and so forth from its parent. An ArcActor should be added to a Scene or another Actor once created.

Public properties

  • fill_style – Style used to fill the arc
  • stroke_style – Stroke used to draw none filled arc
  • stroke_thickness – Thickness of line stroke
  • radius – Radius of arc
  • start_angle – Start angle of arc in radians
  • end_angle – End angle of arc in radians
  • filled – if true then arc interior will filled otherwise empty


ArcActor() – Creates an instance of an ArcActor object

draw() – Draws an arc actor and its children, this method can be overridden by derived actors

drawToCache() – Draws this actor to a cached canvas, subsequent calls to draw() will cause this cached canvas to be drawn instead

update(dt) – Updates the actor, this method can be overridden by derived actors

  • dt – The amount of time that has passed since this actor was last updated

hitTest(position) – Performs a test of the specified position against the circular boundaries of the actor returning true if a hit occurs

  • position – The 2D position to test


Creating a basic ArcActor

And if you want to cache the actor so that it is only ever rendered once to speed up rendering then do the following:


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