Actions List API Reference


An ActionsList is a collection of actions that are executed consecutively, the next action in the list is not executed until the current action has finished / exited. An action is a single block of functionality that can be used to extend the behaviour of actors and scenes.

Public Properties

  • manager – The ActionsListManager that manages this actions list
  • name – The name of this actions list
  • repeat – The total number of times to repeat this actions list before exiting, 0 is forever
  • actions – A collection of actions
  • current – The index of the currently active action
  • destroy – When set to true this actions list will be destroyed when it finishes executing
  • playing – The playback state of this actions list


add(action) – Adds the specified action to the list

  • action – The action to add to the list

remove(action) – Removes the specified action from the actions list

  • action – The action to remove from the list

execute() – Executes this actions list

pause() – Pauses execution of the actions list

play() – Starts or resumes execution of the actions list

restarts() – Restarts execution of the actions list from the beginning


Creating an actions list

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