Properties Panel

Booty5 the HTML5 2D game editors properties panel

Booty5 the HTML5 2D game editors properties panel

The properties panel situated to the right of the display shows the properties of the resource that is currently selected in the world tree / on the main canvas. Making changes to the properties in this panel will make direct changes to the objects in the world tree. This property panel is the primary way of making changes to most resource properties. Note that each different type of resource has its own custom property panel which shows the properties that are specific to that type of resource.

The property panel is split into a number of collapsible sections to help categorise the properties. You can expand / collapse these by clicking on the section header, making it easier to deal with large numbers of properties. Note that if too many properties are available to fit on screen then a scroll bar will be shown that allows you to scroll through the properties. You can also use mouse scroll to scroll through properties.

Important Note

Any changes made in the property panel will be applied to ALL selected objects. For example, if you have 10 different actors selected on the canvas then the changes in this property panel will be applied to all 10 actors.

For a complete list of properties for all resource types see the Resource Properties Reference. Also, hovering over a property in the property panel will display tool-tips showing more information about the property.

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