Project Properties

To open the project properties widow click the Project button that is located on the main tool bar at the top of the screen. The project properties panel is where you set up the various options that relate to your project, mainly related to export. An image of the project properties window is shown below:

Booty5 HTML5 2D game editor project properties

Booty5 HTML5 2D game editor project properties

The general section of the project properties panel has the following options:

  • Title – The name of your game
  • Frame Rate – The target rate at which your games logic should be updated in frames per second (default is 60)
  • Override Step – If set then physics in all scenes will be updated at this rate, overriding any values set in the scene
  • Canvas Fit – The method the engine will use to fit the HTML5 canvas to the client browser window
  • IDE Location – An external IDE location, Booty5 automatically searches for a JetBrains WebStorm IDE by default
  • Clear Canvas – When checked the games background will be cleared at the start of each frame. You can disable this for games that use the entire drawing area to help performance
  • Adaptive Physics – If set to true then the game will run physics multiple times if frame rate drops considerably below target frame rate
  • Disable shadows – Disables shadow rendering globally
  • Pretty Print – If enabled then exported JSON will be exported in a human readable format
  • Smoothing – If enabled then image smoothing will be applied which cam blur pixel based images substantially but gives an overall smoother look to the game
  • Force Rounding – If set to true then all exported actors in all scenes will round pixels
  • Use Web Audio – If set to true then Web Audio will be used to play audio, if it is unavailable then the engine will fall back to HTML5 Audio

The loading options section of the project properties panel has the following options:

  • Wait for resources – If checked then the game will delay launch until all resources are loaded, displaying a loading screen
  • Loading bar BG – The colour of the loading bar background
  • Loading bar – The colour of the loading bar
  • Loading BG colour – The loading backgrounds colour
  • Loading image – An image that will be displayed in the background of the loading screen

The modules section contains a list of additional modules that can be included with your game:

  • Box2D physics – Includes the Box2D physics module
  • JQuery library – Includes the JQuery library module
  • CocoonJS luibrary – Includes the CocoonJS library moduke

Marmalade properties

The Marmalade tab has the following options:

  • Export MKB – When ticked a Marmalade SDK compatible Web Marmalade project will be exported in the marmalade sub folder during test / run. This project can be opened using the Marmalade Hub and deployed to device / app stores.

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