Booty5 1.8.8b out now – Important Object Origin Fixes 3

Please ensure that you are using this version of Booty5 as it has a very important fix to actor object origins. Complete list of changes include:

  • References to Icon have been replaced with the more meaningful Sprite reference
  • Animation timeline now takes Start Delay into account
  • Animations in timeline that repeat will now repeat over entire timeline playback
  • Object origins are now shown
  • Fix: 96 DPI limit om image import
  • Fix: Top tool bar height
  • Fix: Object origin system was broken

And engine changes:

  • Colour used instead of TextColour in Xoml loader for loadig text fill style
  • Fix: Object origins


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3 thoughts on “Booty5 1.8.8b out now – Important Object Origin Fixes

  • tiofabby

    Thanks for providing such nice and powerfull tool! :-)
    I am not sure where I should have put such question (Google Community, Facebook,..? here..?)
    but I wanted to know if there is a way within Booty5 app. to manage the javascript and image
    file locations?
    I see indeed that the Build command is putting all images and javascrit files together in same folder.
    Is there a way to tell the app. that we woudl like to have js files into a js folder, images into a img folder,…?
    Thank you! :-)

    • Mat Post author

      Hi Fabrice,

      Ideally Google+ or Facebook, but here is just fine.

      Yes, you can specify a sub folder for those assets by entering the sub folder into the assets “Folder” field. I will overhaul this system soon to make it clearer.