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It’s been a busy few weeks, but finally after much determination the Booty5 game maker now supports a full on Flash style animation editor that enables you to animate not only game objects but also scenes and custom properties. Lets take a quick look at how the new editor layout looks, its had a few changes:

Booty5 2D HTML5 game editor screenshot

Booty5 2D HTML5 game editor screenshot

You can see that the old output window has been split into a tabbed window that contains the output window and the animation window. To animate objects or scenes simply click the record button then select the object that you wish to animate, create an animation, add properties that you want to change and / or simply change the properties of the objects on the canvas or in the objects properties window. Finally, hit play to preview the animation(s)

The animation timeline supports a whole bunch of extra features such as selection of easing formulas per key frame, per key frame hit event handlers, per timeline OnEnd / OnRepeat event handlers, time scaling, timeline repeats, start delay etc..

You can see a demo of a quick animation that I created using the editor here.

The entire list of changes for the 1.8.7b update includes:

  • Added timeline animation editor that allows the creation of complex animations
  • Added orphan property to actors, when an actor is marked as an orphan ignore its parents transforms
  • Added image based brush selector
  • You can now add a loading.png to the global resources and it will be displayed as a background whilst loading
  • Added new project property “Wait for Resources” which will delay the launch of the game until all preload resources are loaded as well as display a loading screen
  • Project properties section has new properties that allow you to define the loading screen visuals
  • Added new property to actors called Start Frame, this is the frame of animation that the actor will initially display
  • Added new property to scene that allows initial camera position to be set
  • Fix: Objects on canvas are now selected when mouse button is let go instead of as soon as it is pressed
  • Fix: Directional cloning fixed for scaled objects
  • Fix: All vector values and angle values now obey export precision in properties panel

There’s also a couple of other nice features been added such as selecting brush by image instead of by name and the ability to set up a loading screen / loading bar that is displayed whilst resource are being loaded.

The Booty 5 game engine 1.4.2 has also had a number of changes:

  • Actors now have their own local timelines manager, actor local animations should now be added here instead of the parent scenes timeline manager
  • TheApp has new property total_loaded which stacks total pre-loadable number of resources that have been loaded
  • TheApp has new property total_load_errors which denotes total number of resources that have not loaded due to error
  • TheApp has new event handler onResourceLoaded which can be used to detect when a file has been loaded. Note that by default this method calls onResourceLoadedBase(resource, error) which updates TheApp’s internals. If you override this then ensure that you call TheApp.onResourceLoadedBase()
  • TheApp has new method countResourcesNeedLoading() which counts how many resources need loading
  • TheApp has new method waitForResources() which will delay start of the app until all global and loaded scene resources are loaded. It was also display a loading.png (if present) and display a percentage loading bar. TheApp.loading_screen define properties of the loading screen
  • TheApp areResourcesLoaded method removed
  • Sound class has preload property which when set will preload the sound
  • Sound and Bitmap classes now notify app when they have loaded or there was an error during load
  • Sound has new method load() which will load the sound effect
  • Timeline and TimelineManager classes now have find(name) method that allows searching for named animations and timelines
  • New property added to Animation called tween, when set to false frames will not be tweened. This also enables none numeric discreet values to be tweened
  • New name property added to Animation class
  • Xoml loader now loads timeline animations exported from Booty5 editor
  • Added new demo called Timeline Animations which demonstrates the use of timeline animation
  • Fix: Actor transform was being updated every frame
  • Fix: Actor children transforms were not getting updated correctly when parent transform was updating
  • Fix: Touch input now works on Windows Phone 8

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