Booty5 1.8.8b out now – Important Object Origin Fixes 3

Please ensure that you are using this version of Booty5 as it has a very important fix to actor object origins. Complete list of changes include: References to Icon have been replaced with the more meaningful Sprite reference Animation timeline now takes Start Delay into account Animations in timeline that repeat will now repeat over […]

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Booty5 1.8.6b out now – audio fallback, templates, merged caches

With plenty of free time over the holidays the hammers and chisels have been working hard to bring you Booty5 1.8.6b. We have a fair number of changes to both engine and editor as well as two new demos as well as most of the other demos updated, including Leapo. Engine Changes: Added new property […]

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Booty5 v1.8.5b out now – Cached rendering and Marmalade SDK Audio Support

Well the proof is in the eating and not the making. I’ve spent some time putting together a small game using Booty5 called Leapo that I will eventually distribute as an example of how to use Booty5. Whilst developing this game I have come across various issues or missing features, hence this update. Booty5 game […]

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Booty5 v1.8.4b out now, support for the Marmalade SDK added

I realise that two updates inside of a week is a bit much but I wanted to get this update out quickly because I have changed the way gradients are used by game objects substantially, I’ve also added project generation for the Marmalade SDK using Web Marmalade. Web Marmalade is a system that enables you […]

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Booty5 HTML5 shapes example

Booty5 1.8.3b out now – Keyboard, gradients and SVG

Been very busy since the last update extending the features of Booty5 to bring more HTML5 specific features into the editor. The editor changes for this release include: Added mouse wheel joint type to list of joint types Added new property called ExportName to Scene, this changes the name of the scene, but not its […]

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Booty5 HTML5 demos page added

I’ve recently added a Booty5 demos section that will feature all demo apps and games that can be used to view the various features of Booty5. Some of these will also be available in Tutorial format. The demos can be found here 1,142 total views, no views today

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Booty5 1.8.2b Out Now – Shape Editor

Much hammering and tightening has been under way of late, Santa and his helpers have nothing on how many hours have been put into getting 1.8.2b ready for release! Ok, enough about Santa, version 1.8.2b of Booty5 the Game Maker for HTML5 developers is now available for download. Changes for this release include: Added brush […]

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Booty5 community forums are now open

Due to an absolute noobish school boy type error on my part the forums were not open to new users. You will happy to know that the issue is now resolved and you can create forum accounts! 1,125 total views, no views today

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Booty5 v1.8.1 is out now

Latest version of Booty5 HTM:5 game engine and editor now available, changes include: Editor changes: v1.8.1b Added support for OnLostTouchFocus to Actors Fixed brush / shape drop onto main canvas Fixed origin export Engine Changes: v1.3.6 Xoml.js now loads Actor.onLostTouchFocus event Fixed issue with actor clipping causing degradation and flickering Fixed actor origins   1,427 total […]

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