Booty5 HTML5 Game Maker 1.9.4b out now – Texture Packer Import

Just a quick update to fix a bug in the texture packer importer as well as to introduce the new texture packer import dialog. This new dialog allows you to import bitmap animations more easily by importing only a single brush that contains animation frames made up from frames in the texture atlas. 1,393 total views, […]

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Running Booty5 games with node-webkit

What is node-webkit? node-webkit (also known as NW.js) is an app runtime based on chromium and node.js that enables you to create desktop apps written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and deploy as a native app. For game developers, that means you can deploy your HTML5 games to desktop quite easily. You can download node-webkit […]

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Booty5 HTML5 Game Maker 1.9.2b out now – Web Audio API Support Added

Support for the Web Audio API has been added offering better control over audio playback. Using it is s simple case of ticking support for it in the projects properties (on by default). Full list of changes include: Game Editor v1.9.2b: Added new use web audio export option to project settings Added new auto play […]

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Booty5 HTML5 Game Maker 1.9.1b Available – Text preview and collision flags

Booty5 the HTML5 Game Maker v1.9.1b is now available for free download. Editor Changes: Scale and angle are now affected in multiple actor selections Editor export properties now supports smoothing property that will enable / disable anti-aliasing during rendering Added support for rounding pixels to actors, if disabled then pixel coordinates will be rounded to […]

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Booty5 HTML5 tile map editor

Booty5 HTML5 Game Maker 1.9 Available – Tiled Maps

Booty5 the HTML5 Game Maker v1.9.0b is now available for free download. Support for tile map rendering has been added to the engine, whilst support for tile map editing has been added to the game maker. A quick screen shot of the new tile map editor is shown below: Full list of changes include: Game […]

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Booty5 v1.8.9b now available – Code restructure and Actions Lists 1

Booty5 1.8.9b represents a big shift towards making the Booty5 JavaScript engine more modern, a number of major changes have taken place to the engine including: Code restructured All classes moved into the b5 namespace TheApp class renamed to App replaced with Added new property to App called canvas_fill_window which when set to […]

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