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Create and test your HTML5 games for free at lightening speed for desktop, mobile and Facebook Instant Games using the Booty5 WYSIWYG game maker. Create hierarchical game layouts, levels and user interfaces using intuitive layout tools, shapes for physics, clipping and rendering, bitmap animations, complex time line based animations.Import audio, bitmaps, sprite sheets and SVG. Add physics simulation to game objects, create physics fixtures, joints and trace bitmaps to shapes.Create and edit actions and scripts with syntax highlighting, code folding, tie up events to scripts and much more….Export your final masterpiece and launch with the Booty5 game engine or utilise the exported JSON in your own game engine.

To find out more about the Booty5 game editor see the Booty5 Game Editor Introduction.

Create Animations

Create awesome flashy Flash style animations for desktop and mobile for free and place on your web site or sell to your clients.Create simple or complex animations, the Booty5 time line animation editor offers a Flash like in-depth powerful time line based animation editor that enables you to create animations of elements such as position, scale, rotation, velocity, opacity, origin and many more properties.Specify how often animations repeat, when they start, what do to when they finish, repeat or even when each key frame is hit.Additional animation features include sprite frame animation and basic linear and angular velocities for more simple animations.Preview everything right in the editor.

To find out more about the Booty5 game editor see the Booty5 Game Editor Introduction.

Game Engine

Booty5 exports directly to the free open source Booty5 HTML5 game engine.The Booty5 game engine, whilst tiny (around 70k) has a huge range of features including bitmap / shape rendering, gradients, shadows, child clipping, cached rendering, self clippingSupport for physics simulation, multi-fixture, joints, particle systems, time line animations, tweening, sprite depth, docking.Support for keyboard / touch input, camera panning, camera follow target, auto scaling to device resolution and much more..To find out more about the Booty5 engine see the Booty5 Game Engine Introduction.

You can view various demos using Booty5 on the demos page.

The Booty5 game maker is an advanced feature rich game editor and Flash style animation editor that enables rapid production of game layouts, complex animations, events setup, code editing, shape creation and and much more.

The Booty5 game engine is a powerful robust fast but small foot print game engine which is directly compatible with the Booty5 game makers exported JSON format. However, as Booty5 exports JSON, any game engine can pick up the data and use it at will.

You can see demos that were created using the Booty5 Game Maker on the demos page

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Who is Booty5 Game Maker for?

Booty5 can be used by anyone, but it is primarily aimed at:

  • Game developers
  • Facebook Instant Game developers
  • Web and Flash developers
  • Animators
  • Educators and students
  • Hobbyists

Booty5 Game Maker Book

The Booty5 HTML5 Game Maker Manual e-book is available here.

Native Deployment to Mobile Devices and Desktop

As of v1.8.4b you can now export Web Marmalade compatible HTML5 games, using Web Marmalade as well as CocoonJS, Intel XDK and PhoneGap, you can deploy these exported HTML5 games to mobile devices and app stores.

As of v1.9.2b exported game projects can be deployed to native Windows, Mac and Linux desktop via node-webkit.

As of v1.9.3b you can now deploy directly to Android device via Droidscript. Not yet seen Droidscript then you need to check it out.
As of v1.9.5 you can now deploy to Facebook Instant Games.


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